Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kicking myself....

Yesterday, once again, I picked up a book and didn't get any of the things on my to-do list done :-(

Didn't get my lamp shades done on the Shrinky Dink for tonight's workshop (and even though I had my camera along forgot to take it out to take pictures to show you all the beautiful work) but I did get the prototype table and the tutorial done for next week's workshop. I needed to get it done for tonight so members could see the prototype and the possible variations.

This workshop next week is a new thing to the club. We have a regular workshop at the church on the first Tuesday of the month and our general meeting is on the third Tuesday. Our chairman, Tina, has been hosting a quarter scale group in her home on the 4th Tuesday.

We've actually had one very small 2nd Tuesday get-together in my condo before but then Christmas and bad weather intervened.

The tutorial was done as a document so it could be passed out to MEE members so I will try to post it here over the next few days.

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