Friday, February 1, 2013

Canada Post, lighting, smurfette

I mentioned earlier this week that I was annoyed (so what else is new?) with Canada Post once again not attempting a parcel - just leaving an 'attempted delivery' card. Well, as of this afternoon, I am now ROYALLY TICKED OFF! When I got to the post office this afternoon, the parcel was a small one that would have easily fit in my mail box!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the parcel was from Miniland and contained the two battery-operated ceiling lights I had ordered for the Quilt Shop.

On the left is a battery-operated table lamp I bought quite some time ago. On the right is one of the two new ceiling lights I bought from Alex. These are third generation LED lights and are much brighter than the older lights.

But the afternoon improved immensely after that. Joanne and I went for a late lunch at St. Albert Centre and after lunch I was looking at those vending machines with toys in them and found some with tiny Smurfs in them.

When I was making the camping scene for DS Carol, I had a terrible time finding a Smurf to put in the trailer.   Susan in NB and I finally did a swap for that one. (Then I got to meet Susan in person at Camp Mini Ha Ha.)

One of the toy stores in St. Albert carries a wide range of Smurfs but they're at least two inches tall and too big for what I need. But my own trailer and camping scene is way down the road so hadn't been in a rush to find a Smurf for that. But nonetheless, I was thrilled to find this one.

Joanne also tried her luck and got a great Smurf reading a book that we decided would be great for her book store.

We simply could not get the plastic cases open so I finally put mine on the floor and stepped on it. That worked so Joanne followed suit. We're laughing and have a fun time then Joanne spotted two young men sitting at a nearby table who were looking at us as if we were crazy!

Since neither of us had been in the mall for some time, we decided to walk around and explore. One of the clothing shops had some nice tops on sale so we went in for a closer look around. I got two matching tops (a shell and a jacket) that will be great for the Chicago/New York trip and Joanne found some very nice mix and match pieces.

After that, we walked by Claire's and spotted some ear-rings that would work well in miniature: 6 different coloured pairs of flip-flops (very nice) and 6 different coloured pairs of sun glasses. $12 for each set of six pairs.

Couldn't find those earrings on their website but did find a pair of gum drop machine earrings that might look good on a store counter.

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