Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The gable is on! And a bit of work on the quilt shop...

First thing this morning, I painted the gable.

I used books to balance the attic so the roof was flat so the gable could be attached.

The books had to be positioned so the gable edges could be seen from inside and aligned with the opening in the roof.

Glue in place.

The another book draped over the gable to hold it in place while the glue dried.

 From the inside:

(BIG sign of relief - gable in place!)
I'll shingle the roof later. Will probably use black sandpaper shingles.

'Stitch and Bitch' met tonight so I thought I would print the front and back of Mom's quilt on cotton fabric sheets that I have then glue lace where the crocheted fans are on the front of the quilt. After all my troubles getting this #%$& printer to print on card stock, I should have known better than to think it would take the fabric sheets! So will try a couple other ideas later.

In the meantime, I needed a small portable project to take downstairs so pulled out my package of Tiny Turnings (#2000). I buy mine from Luba in Spruce Grove but I did find them here.

I wrapped thread around them then cut them apart to make two sizes of wonderful spools of thread. Bev stopped in for a minute and wondered what the heck I was doing!

While I was downstairs, I checked the mail and there was a parcel delivery notice. AS USUAL, no attempt was made to deliver the parcel - just dropped off the 'attempted delivery' card. When I finally got a reply from the head of Canada Post to my complaint letter about this last summer, I was given a local phone number to call but don't know if I'll even bother. Nothing ever comes of it anyway!

The parcel would be the new brighter battery ceiling lights I ordered from Miniland for the ceiling of the quilt shop so I can wait the few days until the weather improves again before walking to the post office to pick them up.


  1. Did you use just regular thread to wrap these spools maureen? I will watch for these turnings at the sale in West kelowna in April. As far as your printer goes isn't there a transfer sheet that Staples carries that would work. Been a very long time since I used it and not sure if it is still around but I used it on towels in my swim suit shop years ago. I think I ironed it on to the fabric and I was pleased how it turned out. Judy hope you are staying warm????

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Judy, thanks re the gable and attic.

      Yes, just used ordinary thread. Although Bev (who dropped in) asked why I didn't just paint the spools to indicate thread - who would know? Well, I would. But I can see that as a possibility.

      Yes, the transfer paper is one of the possibilities I'm considering but this printer is so darn picky about what it will take, I really doubt that that's an option either.

      Regarding the weather, my fridge is stocked and I have the library down the hall, so don't have to go outside until it warms up. VBG

  2. Forgot to say that your gable and attic look wonderful. Good work! J