Monday, January 14, 2013

Quilting, fabric bolts finished, glue sheet

Joanne and I went to the quilt show put on by Quiltessential, the quilt shop just down the street from me. The show highlighted work from some of the 320 classes the shop holds each year.

Even if you're not into quilting, this is definite eye candy. The first two pictures are of the first place winner - a beautiful reversible quilt.

On the second page there is a picture of two casserole carriers. Back in the day, I would have loved to have one of these...not much call for them these days. But I did find a tutorial for them if you're interested. (That page only shows how to make the pocket for the rice bag but in the first paragraph she has a link back to her original tutorial.)

Wasn't feeling very perky (just tired) when I got home so I decided to finish the fabric bolts and feel like I had at least accomplished something lately. I started out with 89 fabric bolts but three of them were only 5/8" wide, rather than the 3/4" the rest were. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when it turned out that that my prepared fabric pieces and the 3/4" fabric bolts matched in number. THEN I came across 3 more prepared fabric pieces, used up the three narrow fabric bolts and I was FINISHED!!!

You may recall that back in December I posted a picture of a set of inexpensive cutting sheets that I picked up at Dollarama.

Barb, Cassandra and I used them as gluing sheets when we made the snowmen ornaments on Boxing Day.

I've been using them while I made the fabric bolts. They are wonderfully reuseable. Dried glue can be either peeled or scraped off then they can be washed and put away until the next time.

Much of the glue can just be peeled off but thinner layers may need to be scraped off with a straight blade. The red one is shown after being cleaned.


  1. What a great idea about those sheets. I have loads of them, use them in the kitchen instead of cutting boards.

    Guess, I can move some to the work areas..

    Thank you for sharing

  2. You can use them as paint palettes too. Handy little things to tuck in a tool kit. Small, cheap and multi-purpose!