Sunday, January 20, 2013

Queen Mary's Dollshouse

PBS has been showing a series "The Queen's Palaces" The tours and histories of England's castles.

Tonight's was "Windsor Castle". All of the castles are wonderful viewing in their own right but Windsor Castle, of course, is the home of Queen Mary's Dollshouse. Also this.And another.

If you get a chance to see Windsor Castle in the series, the dollshouse is about 40 minutes  from the beginning of the show. The size and detail of it is total mind-blowing! Not to mention the fact that not only is it fully electrified!!! (AND has running water!!!!)

I have a book about it but until I saw this, I had absolutely no idea of the immensity of it.

Can't find the reference to it now but I had read that people became uncomfortable having Queen Mary visit because she might spot some small thing in your possession, comment on it, and expect it to be gifted to her.

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