Thursday, January 24, 2013

One step forward, two steps back...

Last night I painted the inside of the quilt shop room box then this morning I installed the flooring.

I wanted black and white tile flooring. My original thought was to design and print it on photo paper but I remembered I had some in my stash. The plastic flooring from  Handley House had pink diamonds at the corners of the tiles and that wasn't what I wanted. So I looked further and found some of the same type of design on paper. Had one sheet of white with black, plus white with red, white with green and about three sheets of white marble look with black. That particular marble look in a floor always just looks dirty to me and I wanted the colour in the room to come from the fabric so decided on the white with black diamonds.

So installed that using Yes glue. For some unknown reason I installed it directly on the floor. I hardly every do this as I generally prefer to put my flooring on mat board and then install that with double faced carpet tape so it can be easily changed if I decide to make changes to the room.

Then I took a permanent black marker and 'painted ' the frame around the front of the room.

I've never before had this problem with Yes glue (probably because I usually spread it with a piece of credit card plastic so it's even) but this time I had applied it with a foam paint brush and had a couple areas where it was thicker than others. And that's where it looks like there are grey blotches on the floor.

I'm hoping that it's just that those areas of glue have not yet dried properly and, given enough time, the blotches will disappear. I took the hair dryer to them and that seemed to help but now it's just a matter of wait and see.

So, while I'm waiting to see what happens with that, I decided to tackle putting the roof on the attic.

Because I'm not putting a chimney on the attic, first order of business is to fill in the hole on the side of the attic roof where the chimney would have gone. I cut a piece of wood the size of the hole and glued it in place then I took a piece of a Bounce dryer sheet (any thin piece of stable fabric would have worked) and glued it over that section to give it extra stability.

Earlier, I had thought I was being so smart putting the piece of stripwood across the top to stabilize it. NOT!! It simply held the side walls at bad angles that would not allow me to glue the roof on properly. So it had to go...

I know I want to be able to glue the roof to the walls (or more correctly, the walls to the roof) all in one fell swoop and that means that I need the walls to be totally square so I can apply the glue to the tops of the walls and position them correctly on the roof.

So in order to line up the walls so they will fit squarely on the roof, I cut a piece of foamboard, positioned it so it was just below my gluing line and taped the walls to square up against it.

Then I applied a heavy bead of Weldbond along the top of the all the wall pieces, positioned the walls against the roof (working upside down here with the roof on the table and gluing the walls to it) and put two heavy books open on the floor (as shown below) to hold everything in place while the glue dried.

 Well, that 'sort of' worked. (Perhaps if I had positioned another wider, heavy book against the left diagonal as above, it might have worked better.) There was enough pressure on the back wall to hold that glue but not so much on the top of the roof. BUT I could separate that enough that I could use a toothpick to insert a line of "Liquid Nails" along the roof line without disturbing the attachment of the roof to the back wall of the attic. (This tube of Liquid Nails is really old so I'm hoping that it will still work properly.)

Because I still had to deal with keeping the side walls lined up properly with the roof, I used binder clips on both sides to keep the walls in place, then stacked two open books on the roof to hold it down against the walls.

 Using the binder clip as the spacer to keep the wall in place against the roof.

Tomorrow will tell the tale if

(1) the floor will turn out okay in the Quilt Shop, and

(2) the roof is successfully on the attic........

I really hope it's good news on both counts so I can get on with both projects!

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