Friday, January 18, 2013

odds and ends

Mostly today I did a bit of grocery shopping before the weather turns cold again...already the temperature has dropped 15 degrees and the wind has come up.

While I was out, I stopped at Hallmark and checked out the 75% off ornaments. One practically jumped off the rack into my hand!

The back story: My DS Shirley and BIL have several great-grandchildren but they've always been out of town. This past summer, their youngest great-grandchild was born and lives in Edmonton. For Christmas, Shirley received an ornament from the grands that was "Grandma's first Christmas ornament from Story".

So the minute I saw the Hallmark ornament "What happens at Grandma's....stays at Grandma's|  I HAD to get it for Shirley!

After I got home, I transferred my attic project to the dining room table and took down the work table in the living room...all set to work on the attic in the next few days.

On another miniature note, Shirley is going to lend me her sewing machine (mine isn't working and needs major cleaning and hopefully minor repair) so I'll be able to work on some projects for the quilt shop.

Tomorrow night, Leanne and I are going to dinner with Joanne to plan our time in New York City after Chicago International. Don't know if I mentioned it before but after Chicago, I'm going to meet Leanne in NYC for four days!

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  1. And so you should keep mentioning it Maureen!