Saturday, January 5, 2013

N.A.M.E. Membership

I hate to admit it but as big a supporter as I am of the world of miniatures, until last month, I was not a member of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.

Partly because I'm not a 'joiner' but, quite honestly, because until recently it would have been a bit of a hassle!

NOW, you don't have to go and get a money order to join NAME - it takes Paypal!

To find out all the wonderful advantages of being a member, check out the website.

The most obvious are

1. the opportunity to attend Houseparties and Conventions;

2. receiving copies of the magazine The Miniature Gazette

and (my absolute favourite)

3. being able to access the magazine miniature project database for projects, tutorials and how-tos. (This does not show you the actual article but tells you which  magazine and issue it was in.)

All of this reminds me of our dear, departed friend and fellow miniaturist, Joy Ann Parker, of Swallowhill Dolls. When Joy was the guiding light of MEAC (Miniature Enthusiasts Across Canada), she asked me to do a miniature book for the MEAC newsletter. After long discussions by e-mail, we decided that I would do a book about Margaret Everett, one of the early pioneers of NAME in Canada. Joy sent me all the information and I compiled the mini book. Unfortunately, my computer long since crashed and I no longer have the book on my computer. Nor do I have a hard copy of it.

If someone out there has the file of the un-made book, I'd love it if you could send a copy to me so I could recreate it and save it, not only for my own records, but to have a copy of it to put in one of my mini bookshelves.

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