Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Tuesday!!

For the week leading up to Tuesday, I had been pretty overwhelmed with RL activities and lack of sleep from a couple bad bouts with insomnia.

Tuesday got off to a WONDERFUL start when I received an email from Bonnie (whom I've never met) who had taken the scan of the scanned picture of me, my sisters, Mom and my first dollhouse from Christmas 1957, cleaned it up and sent it back to me.

Left to right: Marie, Carol, Shirley, Mom and me. The dollhouse is on the piano behind Mom.

What an incredible, thoughtful gift!

Around 10, Joanne, Lorry, Delores and Barb arrived to work on our club project attics. Before we got started, we spent a bit of time visiting and catching up. Lorry brought a file folder of faux miniature quilt pieces to share with us. I chose these pieces for the quilt shop.

Then down to work:
Joanne, Lorry and Delores


I cut two strips of styrofoam and used them as spacers to place the studs.

I did manage to get the studs in  place on one wall. I'm actually glad I didn't get more done because later in the day Lorry voiced her concern that there wasn't a great deal of surface to glue the roof to so I'm going to make a change to address that. Will discuss/show that in a couple days.

Another concern I had was how I was going to put the siding on the front of the gable. If I put it under the window frame, the window wouldn't be flush on the inside but if I put it around the window, it gets really fiddly.

So Barb suggested that I reverse the window with the ledge inside! Which will work well.

So although I didn't accomplish much, the brainstorming was a great help and I think I'm ready to get back working on this project.

A few days before Barb S. had e-mailed me and said she had been able to pick up the red and silver glitter balls at Dollarama but would I do a swap for some of the gold ones.

I did manage to find them (now that took some doing - really need to clean up this workroom) and took them to the club meeting Tuesday night. Not only did Barb give me some of the red balls in exchange (and will give me some of the silver later), she gave me four of these wonderful German ornaments! 

The largest is only 3/4" across!
Tina had been printing a quilt for a 1:48 house she was finishing and very generously also printed the quilt in 1:12 for me for the quilt shop.

So other than the fact that I had forgotten to e-mail the MEE newsletter on Monday night, it was a darn near perfect day!


  1. Gee you have some patience! That is just amazing about the photo especially having the dollhouse in it!

  2. I tell you, Jazzi, Bonnie's gift of the 'fixing' of the picture was such an incredible gift.