Thursday, January 10, 2013

Busy, busy....

but unfortunately not so much with minis...

Although I managed to get another 20 bolts of fabric made for the quilt shop. Now up to 53! Used up all the styrofoam boards that I had cut so have to cut WAY more and cut WAY more fabric - still have lots of that left.

I'm really pleased with the variety of fabric so far.

Have to finish putting away the fabric that the bolts were cut from (about half finished doing that) then cut the rest of the fabric pieces so I can get all that cleared away.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning and the Christmas 'undecorating' Saturday morning then hopefully condo business can go on the back burner for a while.

Joanne and I are going to a quilting thing on Sunday. Tuesday five of us from St. Albert are getting together here for the day to work on our attics. (Monday was out as they're testing the building fire alarms that day and it is NOT a day to be in the building.) Then we have our MEE general meeting Tuesday night.

Hopefully I'll get enough done on  the attic that I can get working on filling it.

We had about a week of wonderful 0 C. weather but today it was -15C with a wind. Took the pictures of Matt's curling win next door to Mom and was really glad I didn't have to be outside longer than that. It's now -20C and it's COLD. But it's supposed to warm up again by Tuesday.

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  1. I completely ADORE your teeny bolts!! What fun! And your selection of fabric is outstanding..Come on warmer weather-I want to go to Maureens' to scavenge!! LOL!! It would be so nice to sit and visit over some Tea and mini's...soon soon!! xoxo