Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why it takes so long to clean my workroom

I wrote this several years ago but it's still all too true so I thought I'd post it here. Hopefully it'll put a smile on your face....

I've shared my problem with Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder with many of you in the past. It’s always a problem but it attacks in major proportions when it comes to cleaning my workroom as evidenced by this morning’s efforts………

No sense putting away the green paint until I've painted enough toothpicks for flower stems for Leanne's students Mother's Day cards project. Then of course have to wash the brush.

Glue and glittering top coat from Michael's need to be put away. (Heck, I only bought them 10 days ago.) But since I haven't tried the new top coat, decide to do that before I put it in the paint rack. No loose vases out so unpack 10 more from the box from John Parker. Have to dig out the rest of my paint brushes from my tool box. At least I haven't put away the green paint yet.

I use pop bottle caps to hold paint but the new supply on my desk still contains the liners (which I save to make plates) so those have to be removed before I can use the bottle caps. Then I have to find a Ziploc bag for the liners.

Paint the vase and wash the brush.

While the painted vase is drying, I can put a few things away. Now should that bag of scissors go with the scissors on the pegboard or back into my toolbox? Toolbox I guess. While I'm at it, I better get the pair of scissors from my purse and put that one on the pegboard.

The Tacky glue and the new bottle of Ultimate need to go in my glue holder – as opposed to the glue shelf. That bottle of rubber cement – and the one on the other table – go on the glue shelf.

Pencils in the pencil can, black markers in their can. The two Ziplocs of picture frames back on the Art bulletin board. Pin vise and bits. Oops, the bits are there but not the drill. Better leave that for now. But two more pair of tweezers. And another bag of John Parker vases!

And there are the men's slip-on shoes and runners that I primed – ready to paint – but I went in a different direction and don't need them now – so back into Ziplocs and on to the Clothing board. Now where the heck are my pushpins. Ah, there they are on the end of the other table. Grab a handful, the frames, shoes, pop cap liners and some mini food that was given to me. Oh, and those sequin pins need to be put away.

On the way to put the tweezers away, I look down into a box top and there's my pin vise. Take the bit out, put it away, and put them both in the parts cabinet on my work table – you know, in the drawer marked pin vise?!?

Paint the top coat on the vase. Wash the brush and (be prepared for a shock) PUT IT AWAY – where it belongs!

The toothpicks I painted green are dry. Now the oasis I used to hold them can go into my landscaping drawer. I need a box for all the materials for the Mother's Day cards so I'll unpack my order from Staples. That box should be the right size. Put the ink cartridges on the pegboard, the Loctite Super Glue on the glue shelf and the Scotch tape in the desk drawer. File the packing slip. Oh, better leave that out for now...need to check something before its filed.

The foamcore “cards” are now in the box along with the box of foam flower pot and flowers and the Ziploc of painted toothpicks. Add a bag of pizza props to the box and put away the rest of them. May as well print out the front and back pieces while I'm at it. Now the whole box can go into the dining room to await the "carpets" and the chair kits.

Now the new "glittering top coat" is dry on my vase. How disappointing! This product (DecoArt Star Lite topcoat – soft glittering top coat from Michael's) has a matte finish. I've been using Delta Ceramcoat Sparkle Glaze and just love the iridescent finish it gives John Parker's vases. But I'm just about out of it and have been unable to find any locally so I was hoping the Deco Art would take its place. I'll have to do some major experimenting. Maybe a coat of J. W. etc.'s clear gloss varnish will give me the finish I've been getting from the Sparkle Glaze.

Doesn't sound like much but I can see whole areas of my desk top – and that's a major improvement! Now my so-called work table - that's a whole other story.

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