Saturday, December 22, 2012

quilt shop, Vern's attic

OOPS! Wrote this Thursday and forgot to publish it.....

I was mostly just sitting around watching TV today so I made a bunch more bare fabric bolts for the quilt shop.

These are thicker than I would have liked but they'll work well in the cabinets I plan for the back wall. I now have 53 made so it's time to dig out the fabric boxes and start cutting pieces of fabric to cover them and make some mini 'fat quarters'.

This is coming together in my head which is always a good sign. LOL

My friend Velma gifted me with a lovely box of Ferraro Rocher chocolates. I've eaten WAY too many of them but I've also flattened and smoothed the lovely gold foil they're wrapped in to put in my stash. VBG


There are five of us in St. Albert who are stalled on our MEE project attics so we've decided that we'll get together early in the New Year and get them much further along now than they are now. Installing the lighting is scheduled for the MEE workshop the first Tuesday in February so we want to be ready for that.

Once the settings are finished, we can get started on the goodies inside. This is my very favourite part! And I think it is for most of us...

I love figuring out what I want to put in a scene/room and figuring out how to make it. I have a list of about 60 things I want to go in this so I'm looking forward to filling it and writing the notes that will explain each item to grandchildren Jonah and Holly.

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