Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paint for Joy!

Joanne and I went to Paint for Joy! in St. Albert yesterday. She had been there before but it was my first visit! I have NEVER seen such a selection of acrylic paints in my life.

From the website:

Full range of Supplies for many different mediums: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Coloured Pencil, Pen & Ink, etc. General painting supplies such as transfer papers, palette paper, wet palettes, erasers, wash basins, palette knives & much more! We have books, patterns and magazines for your education and inspiration . Hundreds of ready to finish wood items for all your creative ideas!

MEE member Carol K. has been singing the praises of Cottage Paint so was nice to see that this is one of the many products Paint for Joy! carries. "This is a multi-dimensional paint that can be used thickly, washed, crackled, stippled, overlaid and rubbed through." "No sanding, stripping or priming!"

BTW, there is a nice little restaurant next door (we didn't try it but have heard rave reviews) so nice place for a 'field trip'.

The clerk was most helpful and informative. She showed us a three dimensional technique that we could see has some miniature possibilities but since neither of us had a camera along will be going back and telling you more about that later.

RL TIP: When using clear packing tape, rather than folding over a bit of the tape to keep the end of the tape accessible, use the plastic clip from a loaf of bread to prevent the end of the tape from sticking to the roll.

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