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One of my first posts on this blog was on April 27, 2011, when I listed my UFOs:

Now I can concentrate on actually working on my projects. At this point, the list includes (in no particular order):

           1.   The art gallery that I started at Camp Mini Ha Ha 2009
2. My Christmas shop (have a good start on that one)
3. Victorian style parlour
4. Lady’s bedroom
6. A Secret Garden
7. Travel trailer – still in the box
8. Wire my Bombay house
9. Oriental room
10. Log cabin (I’d give up on this one but I’ve got too many things to go in it!)
11. My English dollhouse – just needs a few repairs and furnishing but there are design problems with it.
12. The wharf and beach that should be the base for my Serendipity Shop(another Camp Mini Ha Ha project - 2008).

Oh, my goodness, it's even worse than I thought!

Actually it was worse than that as there are other projects that should have been on the list such as the Three Bears House in the Russian Breadbox and the 1:24 scale hotel lobby and boutique by Adrian and Elizabeth (my CMHH auction win) that needs to be filled..

Nineteen months later, I have finished:

1. The art gallery: totally different roombox than originally planned...but it's finished!
5. 1940s detective's office above a bar (this was in fact two rooms - and I'm SO proud of both of them!
8. The Bombay house is totally wired! Still have several things I want to do with it (frame the windows on the inside, remodel the kitchen, add the patio and hot tub, and add a window seat in the office area.)

The Christmas shop is in exactly the same position it was at that time except that I've collected WAY more stuff to go in it.

Plus, I did six other projects that hadn't been on my list:

1. the scrapbooking room for a silent auction for the Glenora Child Care Society
  • ice cream booth
  • St. Albert Public Library stall
  • Petal Pushers plant stall
6. The home gym (had forgotten about this one)

AND I added Vern's memory attic to the list!

So, all in all, I guess it was a much more productive time than I had originally thought!

BUT, if you've stuck with me through this long litany, you're probably wondering why the subject is OH, NOOOOOO!!!!

Recently, Connie Sauve posted a link on The Camp to the most incredible Quilt Shop. Then Deb Laue of Dragonfly International posted pictures of the quilt shop she had made for  her sister

My DS Carol is a quilter who does incredible work not only for family but also quilts for Mexican orphanages. 

I sent her the links to both those miniature quilt shops and she was very impressed!

You may recall that I bought the Cerveny shop from Alex at Miniland. Originally it was to be the art gallery but that didn't work out so it has just been sitting waiting for a project. Then a couple of days ago I bought some chicken breasts at Costco. They were in a large 1/8" thick styrofoam container that can be cut into a wonderful number of boards that pieces of fabric can be wrapped around for a fabric/quilt shop. A sign, perhaps? that this is meant to be?

SO.....I think that one of my next projects may just well be a quilt shop for Carol......

I've already given her one mini piece - the Camping scene - but I think she would like this one too.

My immediate family consists of my son and DIL, their two beautiful children, my daughter and her SO, my mother and three sisters.

DS Sean and his lovely wife aren't into miniatures but I'm making Vern's miniature attic for their children, Jonah and Holly. DD Leanne (and Sean) gave me the kit for the Arthur when they were 4 and 6...that is now Leanne's Christmas house.

I made a memory box for Mom for her 79th birthday...10 1/2 years ago.

For DS Marie, I recreated some parts of her RL home as a birthday gift for her. And I told you above about the camping scene for Carol.

Shirley has always said that she doesn't have a place for a miniature so I haven't yet found anything to do for her.

But I have something in mind :-) ....

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