Sunday, December 9, 2012

my gift received at the MEE Christmas party

I didn't show you earlier the gift I received at the MEE Christmas party. (long story)

The gifts are on the table and we're all assigned numbers. As our numbers are called, we go up and pick our choice from the gifts.

Mine was from Wendy and it couldn't have been more perfect! If you've followed me for any length of time, you know how much I love black lacquer.

It's a miniature Christmas scene in a black lacquer box with glass sides and top.

6" x 6" x 5 4/5" high
Isn't it gorgeous! But it gets even better!

It's a music box that plays "Jingle Bells" AND the section in the middle rotates as the music plays!

Music, motion, AND black lacquer - it doesn't get much better than that!

Thanks, Wendy.

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