Friday, December 7, 2012

more shopping

You'll find it hard to believe since this is the second shopping report in a week but Joanne and I don't really go out shopping that much!

I did forget to tell you about one thing we saw at WalMart on our last shopping trip (when my camera died!). In the toy department, we found the most incredibly detailed 1:12 scale bicycle for $6 or $7. Didn't buy it since I think I still have one in my stash from years ago.

Yesterday, we went to the Michael's on 137th Avenue in Edmonton. Both Joanne and I needed some basswood and there were a couple other things she wanted to pick up. As we were looking through the basswood (which was actually on sale - not by much but on sale), we discovered some basswood by Midwest as opposed to that terrible stuff from Revell. Couldn't find out from the staff, however, if it was old stock or if they are finally going to start stocking Midwest again.

For those of you to whom this is important, you now get AirMiles at Michael's.

We also stopped in at Winners where they had a great selection of papier mache books at very good prices. I was sorely tempted by a large book for $5.99. The depth was good for a miniature scene but it was about 12" tall and, of course, I don't need another project! Then I spotted this book. The inner measurements are 5" wide x 8" tall and 2" deep. (And the inside is plain so doesn't need to be re-papered.)

And it was only $3.99! My first thought was maybe a picture of shelves of toys on the back wall with a Santa checking his list (I know I've seen one around) in front of it...Or maybe a Christmas baking prep table...Or a chair and Christmas wrapping table...

So many possibilities. Would make a nice gift that could be kept on a bookshelf between seasons.

Before we went for dinner at Swiss Chalet, we made a last stop at St. Albert Dollarama where I found one great mini supply and one double use item!

Now this is a great mini-find: pack of 24 pieces of 18” white cloth covered 26 gauge wire for $1.00
Could easily be recoloured green with a permanent marker.

I bought two packs of these flexible cutting mats as stocking stuffers ($2 each). BUT I may end up keeping one for myself to put in my mini tool kit. They have a non-slip bottom, won't damage a knife blade, and dried glue/paint can be peeled off them.

We couldn't find the small stir sticks that I had used for the rolls of scotch tape but even before I had a chance to suggest it, Karen suggested that sucker/lollipop sticks might be a substitute and that's a very good idea.

Just FYI, it's -16C here (0F) but right now, there's no wind so we don't have to deal with windchill! For now, at least!

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  1. Speaking of Michaels, I went there today to get some things to make my first ever mini food project, and to track down something I could use to distress a piece, get the "shabby chic" look. I didn't think I would get out of there alive! I'll write a post about it tomorrow, I was planning to tonight, but I'm so exhausted, at one point I was trying to help this other young woman find something in the painting aisle, she was making a Christmas gift for her friend, it was pretty comical actually, we kept meeting up in the same aisles, kneeling on the floor, reading labels, wondering aloud, could this be it? But I got out alive