Monday, December 3, 2012

A little shopping trip...

Joanne phoned this morning to see if I wanted to go out shopping with her. We stopped at WalMart just to look around. On the way there, we were discussing a mini snowman project Joanne had been thinking about. And, lo and behold, the first thing we spotted was a set of six absolutely adorable snowmen!

Then we hit the scrapbooking aisle and found an adorable set of pajamas (and a couple pillows) in the Jolee's stickers. I had been so pleased that I thought to take along my camera - until I went to take a picture of them and discovered the batteries were dead. :-(

Checked out the Christmas decor and I lucked out finding two 9" Christmas trees for $3.96 each.

When I was still working and doing three or four Christmas vignettes a year, I used to find the 6" versions of these at Canadian Tire but haven't seen them there for several  years. (I know Michael's carries them but at about double the price they were at CT.)

I remove the garland by heating it with a hair dryer and replacing it with something smaller. Then I glue ornaments on and (sometimes) replace the tree topper. Like this...

The angel topper is crocheted by MEE club member, Rosalle, who sells them at our annual Show and Sale. She also makes them in silver and gold. They're gorgeous!

Joanne got several little (about 1 1/2" tall) 'snow' covered bottle brush round bushes (75 cents each) for the snowman project and some great bare birch trees about 4 to 5" tall ($3 each?) that will be wonderful next to a 1:48 house.


  1. Hi

    How I envy you...would looove to live next door..close to those shops you visited.
    First the Santa suits now all those wonderful items.....
    Have fun
    The envying Dane

  2. Oh, my goodness, Susanne. I wish you could be here too. But even though you don't have the access to our "dollar stores", once you develop that "mini eye", you may find things where you are that can be adapted to minis. I highly recommend Wanna's trash to treasure items as a beginning reference.

    Or, as I suggested privately, my posts from mid-June to mid July

    It's amazing how you can see things differently - through the "mini" eye given a bit of guidance.

    And, of course, you could always come to visit me personally - always glad to have the company of fellow miniaturists!

    Hugs, Maureen

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