Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's next?

When I started this blog in April 2011, I posted the following list of UFOs:

           1.   The art gallery that I started at Camp Mini Ha Ha 2009
2. My Christmas shop (have a good start on that one)
3. Victorian style parlour
4. Lady’s bedroom
6. A Secret Garden
7. Travel trailer – still in the box
8. Wire my Bombay house
9. Oriental room
10. Log cabin (I’d give up on this one but I’ve got too many things to go in it!)
11. My English dollhouse – just needs a few repairs and furnishing but there are design problems with it.
12. The wharf and beach that should be the base for my Serendipity Shop(another Camp Mini Ha Ha project - 2008).

Just realized there's one UFO missing -  (13) my Three Bears' House in the Russian bread box.

The Art Gallery is now finished (although in a different room than originally planned. The Victorian-style Parlour is complete. The Detective's Office is complete but the bar room still needs a bar and the bar stools need to be finished.

The Bombay house is wired! and almost completely renovated. Still need to build the window seat off the office, re-do the kitchen and add a patio.

In addition, I've made the Art Studio, the scrapbooking room, a couple Trash to Treasure challenges and three stalls for The Little Fair on the Prairie.

Numbers 9 through 13 are staying on the back burner for now although the Oriental Room is starting to take shape in my mind.

There are a number of us in the club who have the travel trailer kit. We've been talking about forming a sub-group to work on it so we'll see how the year shapes up.

So that leaves the Christmas Shop, the Lady's Bedroom, the Bar and the Secret Garden.

With the Show and Sale less than a month away, the bar would be the logical thing to finish first as there's the least needing to be done.

The Lady's Bedroom needs the closet built and the bed dressed. Have more than enough furniture and accessories for it but haven't wallpapered or carpeted and haven't decided on lighting.

Have WAY too much stuff for the Christmas Shop so it's going to be tough to decide how to set it up.

The Secret Garden is sort of coming together in my head but still haven't bought the builder's foam for the walls...and it might be a nice project to work on in the dead of winter.

Have most of what I need/want for the Three Bears' House so that's another possibility for a quick build.

Really need to make a decision soon!!!


  1. I love having several projects on the go, as well as about 10 projects I'm dreaming about doing. I love the planning phase.
    Those sound like some great projects! I'd love to stop by your house sometime and be given the tour of your workroom. Pat says it's pretty amazing!