Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Very slow day

Didn't do much of anything yesterday mini-wise. When I shelved library books night before last, I found a book by Diane Mott Davidson that I hadn't read yet so spent most of the day reading that. I like her books for a light read - and the recipes have me drooling! Then Joanne and I went out for coffee in the evening.

I pulled some of the pictures from the art gallery potentials. The flowers by Victoria Meacham will probably end up in the bedroom roombox. As it's a gallery of Canadian art, the old portrait by Marijke doesn't fit nor does the Palos los Verdes scene from Cher. I love the easel but its footprint is too large and there just isn't room for it.

So this is what I'm left with. The picture of the fisherman from the mini garage sale (second from right third row) has been framed and the pictures at either end of the fourth row have been trimmed.

This one was mounted on mat board so I 'framed' it using my silver Pilot pen then gave the frame some dimension with the "Glossy Accents".

 Here I've painted two strips of trim - one with gold Pilot pen and one with black marker. This trim is kind of hard to describe. It has a small channel down one side. You can use it as is (left) for framing thin items (such as Irma's pictures) or trim the wood from one side (right) which leaves a groove the depth of a piece of matboard. It's not easy to mitre when you're framing thin items as you can't see exactly where the paper is in the channel.

But it's very handy stuff to have and unfortunately isn't made any more. When I ran out of my original supply (right in the middle of framing something), Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse managed to find someone who had a small stock left and got it for me.

So I have eight pieces to frame THEN I have to figure out their placement on the walls. I want to have the whole thing finished by tomorrow afternoon so I can show it off at coffee club.

Then I have to clean up the aftermath, put things away and tackle all the paperwork that I've been avoiding.

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