Sunday, August 12, 2012

some progress on the Art Gallery and some rethinking

The packaging supplies from Dale have been put in the bottom of the counter.

The counter has been dressed and the small polar bear is being packaged for a customer.

The counter in place in the Art Gallery.

Time to do some rethinking. Originally the red star burst was going to go on the wall over the counter but I ended up putting it in the penthouse. I had wanted something like that in the penthouse from the time I built it but had never found quite what I was looking for until now.

Although the agate slice table turned out well, it sort of overwhelmed the red glass sculpture - and it just didn't fit well anywhere in the room.

But the blue glass sculpture on the black base on the bottom shelf of the counter had come in a plastic case. The red piece fits in there well and I'll hang it on the wall above the counter.

I'll get it in place then I have to start framing the paintings so they can be hung.

Hope the framing goes well. Sometimes it does and sometimes it's a real struggle. If I'm lucky some of the paintings will fit in some of my empty frames.

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