Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mini Garage Sale

Tina was kind enough to open her home to the club on Saturday for a garage sale of the remaining scenes and the small items donated to the club by Joyce B. Joanne and I were there most of the day and had a great time visiting with other club members (and, of course, picking up some goodies).

I got this little chest with drawer below. The hinges need to be reattached to top but it's a very nice piece. I can't decide whether to pull off all the gold trim stickers or stain/paint over them so it looks like carving. No rush as I don't know yet where it will go.

Good plant stand that should work on the deck off the Bombay house (when it gets built).

Lovely leather luggage set (non-opening) and a brief case with umbrella and Wall Street Journal.

A Hudson Bay blanket: this was a club project years ago.

This will make a nice feature in the Secret Garden - another UFO.

And I thought I also might be able to use these in the Secret Garden.

This was an earring! 2 1/8" in diameter! Much too big for me as an earring but could be a wall-hanging - or a gong in the Oriental Room.

The earring clip came off quite nicely...
and could be used as a curtain tie-back.

The top of this cigarette case is really beautiful. Could be a table top or a wall hanging. I haven't tried using the hair dryer to loosen the glue yet.

These polymer clay pieces were in a bottle of canes. They'll go in the art gallery.

The mirror should pop out with a bit of encouragement from the hair dryer.

Nativity scene about 1" tall for the Christmas shop. The figures are dressed in unravelled bunka.

Fell in love with this silver-coloured model of Salisbury Cathedral. Don't know what I'll do with it but it was only 50 cents.

This was one earring but I think I can get two table lamps out of it.
 Wired but not glued together.

Pair of cufflinks for andirons or vanity mirrors.

Had to buy the glass and brass case to get the drift wood but the whole thing was only $1. The drift wood will go on the beach below the wharf of my Serendipity Shop. The shop is done but the wharf isn't. The beach has been started.

 Got the pieces for the Oriental Room.

 This was in the same bag.

Haven't looked closely through this yet to see just what's missing but the basics seem to be there. Didn't see a radiator.

Got a 2 yard roll of reversible Italian gift rap. Think it will make a nice tile floor and/or backsplash.

 A little pot painted SW style, some daffodils - and my absolute favourite - the amaryllis!

Two corner chairs. No definite place for them yet although I may paint one white for the Bedroom roombox. They're just nice little fillers in a room.

 Two cushions, a pillow and a very nice bunka rug.

A hat box made from a film canister (know I could make it myself but I love the paper used on it), a bird cage with bird (maybe the Bombay patio) and a plate with the Alberta coat of arms).

There was a fair sized six drawer box filled with jewellery pieces, findings, buttons and other odds and ends. (Handful for 50 cents!) One of the ladies saw a movie/TV camera in this piece so I couldn't resist.

Lots of buttons for plates, some plastic jewellery pieces for bowls, circular door pulls (left middle row) will make good pet dishes, hooks (end bottom row) might work with the large brass earring to hang it as an oriental gong.

Have no idea what I might use the little round 'cages' for but the large faceted glass beads would make nice non-working hanging lamps in a bathroom, the brass piece in the middle will probably for in the art gallery and the sections of metal beads in the chain could be salt and peppers in 1:12 and possibly a Moka coffee pot in 1:48.

The best part of the day was the company and conversation but I think I did pretty well on the mini side too.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day. Great finds, you got so many interesting things.

    1. It was a most enjoyable day Mary. Now I have to get everything put away :-(