Sunday, August 12, 2012

I can't believe I did that...

Well, I don't know if this is going to be a good day to try framing the paintings as I've already done one incredibly stupid thing.

I lined the back(bottom) of the plastic case that's to be used to display the red sculpture with black matboard  so the sculpture would 'pop'. An additional bonus would be that it would hide the poster Velcro™ I planned on using to attached the case to the wall.

The proper way to use these is to attached the square piece to the wall and the round piece to the back of the item  you're hanging. But since I'm usually hanging very small things I often find it easier to put the round piece on the item to be hung, attach the square piece to that then attach the whole thing to the wall.

Since the plastic case is long, I decided to use two sets of the Velcro. Did that and put it in place. One side was not adhering to the wall! DUH! I had put that square on backwards - so had to peel it off and try again - this time with the adhesive, not the loop side, facing the wall.


I've tentatively placed the stands in the room. Now I'll put it away and tackle the framing. Well, think about it anyway. LOL

Tip:  The black bases and one of clear tops of the acrylic cases had serious stuck label problems. I soaked them and scraped the paper off, leaving the adhesive residue. When you don't have Goo Gone (or simply don't like the chemicals/smell), you can use a piece of paper towel soaked with olive oil to remove the adhesive. (Peanut butter will also work in a pinch.)

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