Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good news...and bad news

Yesterday morning my replacement printer arrived from HP. So this afternoon I have to uninstall the old one, pack it up and return to HP (and they set very strict timelines for doing that), then install the new one. Keeping my fingers crossed that the new one (model 8600A replacing 8600) will print on card stock. The problem I had printing pictures with the old one (incredibly dark) seems to have fixed itself so that's one less thing to worry about at least.

We had our final Show and Sale Committee meeting last night. Have a long list of last-minute chores to do in preparation for that. Also am working on a handbook for new members of the club and want to have that done in time for our first meeting next Tuesday.

So I think/know minis are going to have to take a backseat for the next week at least.

Tip: If you want to fill a mini waste basket by a desk and have a RL cross cut paper shredder, the shredded paper makes great office garbage.

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