Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get carried away much?

I was quite pleased with my garage sale purchases on Saturday - mostly because, with the exception of the Salisbury Cathedral model and the handful of buttons and findings, I knew pretty much where everything would eventually end up. And I'm usually pretty good that way BUT...

I totally tend to over-collect for each project and the oriental room is definitely a case in point.

About three years ago, Cheryl H. and I got stranded overnight in Bowden on our way to spend a mini weekend with our friends in Calgary. 

The upside of the situation is that Saturday morning we came across an absolutely terrific community garage sale where I found this great pagoda shaped lamp. I've removed all the electrical and cut a piece of foamcore for the floor.

Having no specific scene in mind, I've been picking up and been gifted with all manner of items that could eventually go into it.

Unfortunately, I still don't have a specific scene in mind and I've ended up with all of these possibilities!?!

Now there's enough to fill the lamp - and a roombox! And nothing is really talking to me yet. Some pieces could conceivably go in the Art Gallery but I want to stick to Canadian art for that.

I HAVE to learn to know when to quit adding to items for a proposed project. Ya think?


  1. I wish your lamp was smaller. I would have suggested turning it into a victorian miniature fish tank. It sort of has that look about it.

  2. What a great idea! If I did Victorian (other than the parlour) that would be the BEST idea.