Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The bar room is finished!

Got the foot rail on the bar. I tried making the supports from wood but that didn't work as the wood split so I cut them from mat board and drilled holes through them.

Then I stained them to match the wood.

Put a skinny skewer painted with my gold Pilot pen through the support holes and glued the supports to the bar.

There are probably a few more little things I will eventually think of to add to this but for now I'm declaring it finished. All the furniture is glued in place.

In May of last year when I finished the detective's office which is set in the 40s, my intention was to do the bar below as a friendly neighbourhood bar during the war years. Had a "Careless Talk Brings Tragedy in Wartime" poster to go above the telephone and planned on hanging a map of Europe and pictures of all my family members who served in the Armed Forces on the walls.

But if I went that route then I had to figure out how to deal with liquor rationing, etc. And the brass foot rail would have been lost to a scrap drive...so I decided against that idea.

So here's the finished set of rooms:

Pictures of the entire project from beginning to end can be seen here.

Still need to get two pieces of plexiglass to cover the fronts of the rooms.


  1. Love it Maureen. Another work of art! Yeah. :-)

  2. very very nice wish I could see more up close

  3. Thanks Chris. If there's anything I can post a picture of that you want to see closer, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  4. Well done Maureen! So glad you posted the detectives office as well! Another outstanding effort in re-creating a scene as it would have been...Hugs, J xxx

    1. Thanks Jazzi. It was really weird how that stupid bar counter eluded me for almost a year. It just wouldn't come - then one night I started cutting out the wood and it came together the next day. LOL
      Hugs, Maureen