Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slow going...

Every time I clean, I promise myself that I'll just put things away. But every time I come across items just waiting to be made and I just can't stop myself. VBG

I had taken these beads and mini brads out of one of my bead boxes with the intention of making a series of spice jars. Rather than put them back, decided to go ahead and make the jars.

I got these tiny scrapbooking brads (5/16" long) on clearance at Michael's in Kelowna. I've had the beads (7/32" long) for years.

Using my Pilot pen, I painted the ends of the brads silver.
 I clipped about 1/3 off the ends of the brads.

Dipped the ends of the brads in glue and inserted them in  the beads. And, voila, six spice jars for the kitchen!

Also on the table was a partial sheet of paper with two Lysol can strips and two spray starch strips. Makes more sense to make them up than tuck the paper away...and it also gave me a chance to try my new quilling tool.

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