Monday, February 13, 2012

Scrapbooking vignette

I decided to wallpaper the inside of the box with yellow cardstock and a wallpaper from Jennifer. Because I wanted the wallpaper 3 1/2" high, I needed to print two pages of it. (One page would have done if I had gone with three inch strips.)

The inside of the box wasn't totally square so rather than measuring the inside then cutting the piece for the back of the box, I chose to trace around the box then make my cuts inside the tracing lines by the thickness of the box walls.

For the side pieces, I trimmed a sheet of yellow cardstock to the height of the box, slipped it inside and marked the depth on the cardstock. I cut the cardstock 1/4" wider than that and scored and folded along the pencil line. (The 1/4" folded section will wrap around the back corner of the box.

Then I cut two pieces of white cardstock for the floor and ceiling.

I cut a 3 1/2" strip of the wallpaper then centred it behind the yellow cardstock which will go on the back wall and trimmed the sides to fit.

I put strips of carpet tape along the bottom of the yellow cardstock and along the top of the wallpaper sheet.

The protective tape was pulled off the carpet tape at the bottom of the yellow cardstock
and the wallpaper attached. Then the protective tape was pulled off the carpet tape at the top of the wallpaper and that was attached.

The wallpaper was attached to the side pieces in the same manner.

The side pieces were glued into the box with Yes glue. That 1/4" folded section wraps around and onto the back section. Then the back piece was glued in  place.
That 1/4" strip ensures that there is no visible gap between the side and back pieces.

I then ironed strips of oak edgebanding to the floor cardstock. The process is explained in detail here.

Once the final strip of banding had been ironed on and the glue had cooled and set, I used a straight edge and knife to trim the excess wood.
Dry fit the floor in place. You can see here that I trimmed the back corners just slightly to allow for that 1/4" fold at the sides of the back wall.

Then the floor was sanded and stained. The stained floor was then sanded with a piece of brown paper bag.

Once the floor was in place, the white cardstock ceiling was glued in place.

Tomorrow I'll install molding around the ceiling, wainscotting and baseboards.

Normally I'd use coffee stir sticks for the wainscotting and baseboards but when I dug out the molding for the ceiling I found a long strip of wood already cut that I'll use for that.

I printed out the paper, stickers, etc., from mishellyszoo and I'll start cutting those out while I'm watching TV.

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