Sunday, November 27, 2011

more on floor

Since I was redoing the kitchen floor, decided I'd take pictures along the way and better explain the process.

You need a firm surface to work on. DH Vern was such a wonderful supporter of my work in miniatures and would often bring home things he scavenged that he thought I might use at some time. He brought home a scrap of laminate flooring that I tucked away in a corner and it was perfect as a base for this. Here I've come to the end of the poster board and there is an overhang of the iron on wood so I've put a strip of wax paper underneath that so the adhesive doesn't stick to my working board.

The eighth strip has a black mark running through it that ruins the line of the wood so I ran the iron over it to release the adhesive and removed that strip

and replaced it with another strip...

Here you can see the floor from the back. I'll trim off the extra wood with my utility knife once the adhesive has cooled and set.

Here all the extra bits have been trimmed off:

The kitchen flooring in place:

And both new floors in place:

As I took the pictures, I realized that I still haven't erased the lines I pencilled in for the tape wiring. Must do that....

But aside from that, even with the floors being unfinished, I'm REALLY liking the look.

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  1. Looking good! I will look for that next time I need a floor for a project. Your house is coming along nicely. Judy