Thursday, January 26, 2012


I bit the bullet and got the piece of crown molding in! It's no work of art but it's in!

You'll remember that the one side was 1/16" too long and had to be trimmed back. The easiest thing would have been to turn the dollhouse upside down to allow better access but I didn't want to take a chance on doing that because of the bathtub and the fireplace.

So I decided that turning the dollhouse on its back would at least help with access to that piece of molding. BUT even that presented a potential problem as all the wiring and plugs were on the back of the house. So I taped some boxes to free areas of the back so the plugs would be above the table when I put the house on its back.

Rather than remove the front of the house, I used a mop handle to hold it in place while I worked on  the molding.

After much fiddling, the piece of crown molding is finally in! Needs a paint touch-up but it's in.

Now to carpet the floor template and install the final floor. Then I can load the furniture back in and start the final decorating.

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