Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wiring completed!!!

I get SO angry with myself when I keep putting off doing something that I know will only take minutes to complete...

So I bit the bullet and have completed the wiring for the Bombay house. The extension plug ins arrived from Alex at Miniland a week ago Tuesday but just couldn't seem to get around to attaching everything. But now it's done!

All the lights from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are plugged in separately. All the lights for the living/dining room and bedroom/office are plugged in to 3 plug extensions with are in turn plugged into the main power bar which is attached vertically to the right hand side of the back of the house so I can just reach back and turn everything off and on at once or switch the power on or off to each plug as desired.

I ran some of the wires through plastic drinking straws (slit lengthwise) to tidy things up a bit. Some of the longer wires are wrapped through the straws twice to shorten them a bit. (I didn't want to actually cut the wires  shorter in case I want to make changes to the wiring at some point.

Now I have to finish the short stairwell wall, install the crown molding and do the flooring. Then the furniture can go back in.

There is an end in sight.

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