Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wiring the Bombay house living/dining room

I've finally decided to use this chandelier in the dining room.
I removed two of the jump rings from the top so it doesn't hang quite so low. The hole is drilled in the ceiling for installation but I'm thinking about adding some 'bling' to it so am holding off on the installation for now.

The ceiling light was installed in the living room some time ago. Today I drilled the holes in the floor for the wiring for the glowing embers in the fireplace and the two table lamps.

Here are the wires on the underside of the house.
And here they're threaded through a hole in the back base.
 Wires out the back of the house
Here the plugs have been reattached and hooked into an 'extension' plug in that in turn plugs into the power board.

We have light! I was in a bit of a panic when the glowing embers didn't work. After double-checking all the connections, I checked inside the fireplace insert and found that the light bulb had worked its way out of the socket. Once that was screwed back in, all was well.

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