Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top of the stairs

Since I started the day with the books for the built-in bookshelves in this area, I'll end the day with it also.

Leanne and Rob have fallen in love with the work of photographer Peter Lik. And I really like it too. (And Leanne says it's way better in person!) So I decided to use one here. I also made a laptop computer from Jim Collins.

TIP: I glued a nickel inside the laptop before it was assembled so it has some weight to it and stays in place. The TV (which goes in the alcove on the bedroom side of the wall) was made by bashing the TV on Jim's site.

The TV was too deep (even without the box on the back) so I pasted the printie into a document and made it wider and shorter (by dragging the corners of the printie), left off the box, then rearranged the folds so it's only 1/4" deep.

Here's the desk with accessories. The camera is by Judy Mitchell of Wee Dreams and Cobwebs.

The desk in place:

and with a chair. I bought a desk and chair from Grandpa's Dollhouse as part of the Daily Deals sale and I'll replace this chair with that chair when it arrives.

Still don't know what else will go here.

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