Monday, January 23, 2012

One problem solved

The flooring problem is solved. Because the door was so close to the front of the house, I was able to use the saw from my mitre box to undercut the door sill so the template would fit under it.

That solved the problem BUT because I had previously cut the flooring to fit around the door sill, when it was put in place there was not a gap between the edge of the door sill and the edge of the flooring.

I used the hot iron to remove the strips in that area. I was able to shift the pieces that were removed up so they could be reused and I only needed to cut one new piece to fill the area.

Sorry this picture is so poor. It was really over-exposed and by the time I realized that, I had already cut the angle at the end of the new strip. The trick to cutting the angle easily is to iron in the strip to within about 1/2" from where the angle needs to be cut. Once the glue has set, the excess wood can be cut to the angle - and after the cut has been made that end of the strip of wood can be ironed down.

Unfortunately the new strip is just a tad lighter than the previous wood but I think once it's been sanded and finished it will blend in okay.

I told you earlier that I would explain why I installed that side of the floor at an angle. The front of the doll house on that side of the house covers two thirds of the front of the house and half of that has an alcove in the section above the first floor entrance door.
The alcove will also have wood flooring which will go to the edge of the angled piece.

I wanted more area in the bedroom section than the office/sitting room area and angling the floor helped achieve that.

Now to tackle that piece of crown molding.

Then finish the hardwood and lay the bedroom carpet and install the floor.

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