Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inuit pictures, crown molding

I've no idea where the last week has gone. I do know, however, that my "get up and go" got up and went. Hope I find it soon. Just about all I've done for the past week is read!

Once I figured out how to turn the flash off my camera (VBG), I did get some good shots of two Inuit prints that Vern bought many years ago and managed to miniaturize them.

One of the RL prints in my living room:

The miniatures:
They were printed on cardstock then covered with clear packing tape and trimmed with 1/2 mm silver/chrome tape. The packing tape probably wasn't the best choice in terms of longevity but it was a lot easier than the clear plastic that I originally cut to cover them. The tape was bought from a club member who had a supply of it (in a couple widths) but I couldn't find anything like it on line. Think it's probably used to detail model cars. So far I plan on hanging these in the stairwell.

About the only other mini thing I got done was the painting of lengths of crown molding.

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