Saturday, January 28, 2012


Friend Barb and I went to the Westmount Dollarama on Monday. She spotted some keepsake boxes that would make great vignette settings and a couple pieces of the red wooden furniture. Hopefully we'll get started on one of her scenes in the next week or so.

They were out of the red wooden tables that I like so much but I did find three tiles with a concrete look (3 for $1.25) that I'll use 'someday'. And I found one more of the hair bands that I used to make the tub surround for the Bombay house bathroom so picked it up - just in case.

One thing I saw (and am kicking myself for not buying) was a set of three outfits for a Bratz type doll for $2.00. There was a set of blue jeans and a crop top that would have been great in a teenage girl's room. Can't recall just what the other pieces were.

Then Joanne and I went to our local Dollarama yesterday. I broke down and bought two of the boxes that Barb spotted at Westmount on Monday.

Inside measurements of the box: 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 4" deep

Also picked up this wire. No idea what I'll use it for but the green and blue are such gorgeous vivid colours I couldn't resist.

Also picked up two packages of white air dry clay. (It also comes in several bright colours.) Didn't see it at Westmount.

Joanne and I also went to Chapters where I picked up two of the J. D. Robb books that I hadn't read yet. And that's where most of last night and this morning went!

I've put furniture in the Bombay house but not ready to show it yet. When I put the furniture and appliances in the kitchen, it seemed that there wasn't much room to move around in there so I've been playing in my head with possible ways to rearrange it. Will try some arrangements tomorrow.

And I'm thinking about making a set of the J.D. Robb books in miniature (covers only) to put in the built-in bookcase.

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