Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crown molding in the bedroom

Well, the push is on to get the bedroom finished so I can get the house off the dining room table tonight as I have family (Mom, 2 sisters and 2 BILs) expected for brunch tomorrow morning.

The crown molding is up on the right hand side. This piece is attached only to the ceiling so the wallpapered wall (on matboard) can be slipped out and reversed. You can see here that I slipped a folded piece of waxpaper over the top so no stray glue would get on the wall.

Here the wall has been reversed to show the black and white wallpaper.

The half wall of the stairwell was cut from 1/2" foamcore and the top and front raw edges covered with matboard. Here it's glued and clamped to the floor template.

The left hand crown molding is glued in place.

The floor template is in place.

Here comes the tricky part - crown molding across the back and around the half wall. BUT the half wall will only be glued to the ceiling - not the floor as I want to be able to remove the floor if I have to get at the wiring.

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