Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bombay house bedroom

First thing on the agenda was to make a sub-floor of matboard. I didn't have a piece large enough so I pieced together two pieces using a strip of carpet tape and cut it to size.

Tip: I use a 16" x 24" framing square when I'm making long cuts (generally any over 12"). In addition, I have a couple pieces of carpet tape on the back of the square that holds the square in place while I make my cuts. (I press the adhesive of the carpet tape against a piece of clothing to cut down on the stickiness so it doesn't damage the matboard.)

I need to make a couple cuts to the matboard - it doesn't fit under the bathroom doorsill so have to go around that and a hole has to be cut for the stairwell.

The matboard doesn't fit under the door sill so I will have to cut around it. Fortunately a piece of typing paper fits under it so I can just trace around it.

For the stairwell, I was able to crease the lines of two sides into the paper and cut along the creases then fold the paper back where the third cut needed to be.

The door sill and stairwell templates were then transferred on to the matboard and cut out.

Here the matboard is in place.

You'll remember I had talked about possibly dividing this into two rooms.

As you can see here
the front of the house that closes against the bedroom juts out about 1 1/2" on one side.

If I were to put in a full wall, it would have to be at the 9" mark to line up with the front wall...and that would make the bedroom portion too small.

For now, I'm just putting a 3" partial wall of foamcore around the stairwell.

I cut a 3" strip of foamcore and at the spot where I want my right angle I cut out a vertical strip 3/16" wide so the foamcore will fold into itself with no cut edges showing.

Here it's just set in place.

I've set the furniture in place:

I think the chaise will go in the alcove in the front wall.

This is still too open. Think I'll try it with a floor to ceiling wall at the right hand end of the stairwell and extend it about half way across the room...but leave the stairwell wall behind the desk at 3".

Once I've decided on how to handle that, all the furniture will come out and I'll finish the floor with white carpet in the bedroom area and hardwood in the sitting/desk area.

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