Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bombay house bedroom wall part 1

I was lying in bed this morning thinking that I should probably spend more time doing than planning...

But in this case, between yesterday and this morning, my plans for the partial wall in the bedroom have taken many turns and I'm pleased with the final plan.

My initial idea was to use a piece of 1/2" foamcore for the wall and carve out some shelves for books on the desk side of the wall. But the only piece I had that was big enough had a piece of tile glued to it and when I pulled that off, there was a mess and I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth to go that route.

So I ended up deciding to make a framed wall with bookshelves built into the office side. As I was planning the framing for that, I also decided to build a shelf on the bedroom side to house a TV set.

First, I measured the height of the ceiling. As you can see below, I used two rulers and added the measurements to get the height.

Then I cut two pieces of matboard 8 3/8" x 6 1/2".

I cut two pieces of 1/2" strip wood 6 1/2" long for the top and bottom plates.

Tip: You can use a C clamp to hold both the wood and mitre box in place.

To confirm the length of the studs, it's easier to stack both the top and bottom plates at the end of the matboard then measure the rest of the matboard for the height of the studs.

The top and bottom plates, studs and shelves placed in position to check piece lengths. The studs are simply placed for convenience - they're not in compliance with RL building codes. VBG

Here I've used Lego blocks to square up and space the shelves.

Now I have to glue all the wood strips together. Then I'll cut the openings in the matboard to open up the shelves.

I'll try and finish this today.

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