Thursday, January 26, 2012

The bedroom floor is in....

I used a paper template to cut the angle of the carpet.
I used my framing square and a rotary cutter to cut the carpet. The weight of the square plus a couple pieces of carpet tape on the back of it really work well when cutting straight lines.
 Here the strips of carpet tape are in place on the floor template. I'll start  installing the carpet from the angle and remove the protective tape as I go.
Here I've removed the protective tape from  the first third of the floor in preparation for laying the carpet starting with the angled portion.
Ready to remove the final strip of protective paper and drop the final piece of carpet in tape.
 The carpet is installed. You can see that I've cut the carpet slightly larger than  the template - just in case! VBG
I've turned the template over to make the trim cuts.
 The bedroom floor is now in place...
 With the lights on...

The doors still have to be framed on one side. I have crown molding for the other three rooms but I'm in no rush to install it. Should also install baseboards. And all the windows need to be framed and curtains installed.

But for now I'm going to put in the furniture and enjoy it.


  1. wow everything is coming together Maureen. Love how it looks and thanks for posting all of this. Interesting for me seeing how your reno is going both the good and the "bad". Your approach to the challenging aspects is wonderful.. I may have cried over the moulding issue but you just carried on and thought out each step? good on ya! Thanks! Judy who is almost ready to post a photo or two with the tile floor I play with on and off this month!! Need a couple more days and I should be ready for a photo.

    1. LOL Judy. I'm amazed that even one province away you couldn't hear the gnashing of teeth and the language that turned the air blue as I dealt with that crown molding. Looking forward to seeing the tile floor.