Friday, November 18, 2011

Weather, Room by Room dollhouse

Winter is definitely here! Monday we had a skiff of snow but today we had about 1/2" snow  with winds of up to 40 km/h from the east so a very cold, blustery day. Wouldn't exactly classify it as a blizzard as I could see across the parking lot to Mom's place but it was not a day to go out unless you had to. Right now it's -15C (4F)with a windchill of -25C (-13F) but hasn't snowed for a couple hours.

Everything mini-wise has been put on hold while I get ready for Mini Day Out on Saturday and the arrival of my friends from Calgary tomorrow night.

This morning I met with a building tenant who will be renting the social room for some family events in December. I happened to mention Mini Day Out and she has two great-nieces who are interested in "little things" so I suggested:

1. she bring the girls by to see my houses and room boxes;

2: that she bring the one who is visiting this weekend by our MDO to take a look at what we do, and

3: that she could borrow my Room By Room dollhouse (or portions of it)

for the girls to play with and give her some idea of what to get them for Christmas.

As a result of this conversation, I went to and found this great buy on a 1:12 furnished/peopled house . Unfortunately it's out of stock at that price.... But it is a great deal- house, furniture and people....

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