Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Off to a sloooow start

I got everything out of the house and removed the tape wire that I had put in previously. It came off beautifully without damaging any of the paint. Now I just have to erase the pencil marks and I'm set to start work.

The bulbs in the second overhead light in the RL dining room where I'm working burned out some time ago and I've not been able to remove the cover to replace them. Finally managed to get it off then discovered that the fixture takes 40W bulbs and there wasn't even one, let alone two, in my light bulb supply.

Then I checked my supply of mat board and none of the pieces were large enough to fit the floors in the larger rooms.

So off to Zellers to get a piece of poster board for the floors and to Canadian Tire for light bulbs.

After picking up the light bulbs, I decided to check out the Christmas ornaments at CT.

There were some lovely ballerinas if anyone's looking for them. The one I measured was 5 1/2" from the top of her head to her heels. Good 1:12 scale.

Ivory coloured frame mirrors: square, round and heart shaped. The square was 2 3/4"

And our store had three wire wicker chairs. Awfully ornate but scale wasn't too bad for two although one was a bit big.

I did pick up a chandelier ornament. 
I'd say it's more 1:6 scale or might work in a very large ballroom but it's definitely too big for my dining room.

So I took the hair dryer to it and removed the top band. Then I removed the hanging chains and all the hanging crystals.

Then I removed all the plastic from the top tier 

and ended up with this:
and I think I can use it as the foundation for my dining room chandelier.

I've pretty much decided to remove the carpet from the living room and replace it with a hardwood floor. For that I'll be using the iron-on veneer trim and I didn't have enough for a floor that size so also went to Rona. Got that and also found this little girl ornament that I think would look
great in a Christmas scene. She's 4 1/2" tall and was, I think, $2.99. She does have wings but they're not terribly obvious and think they could easily be removed.

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