Wednesday, November 30, 2011

more on floors 2

I spent a lot of time running around on Monday trying to find paste floor wax to finish my floors but have to admit I was too lazy to walk to WalMart although I've been told they might carry it. Certainly nothing in any stores nearby. I did find some Kiwi neutral shoe polish at London Drugs but didn't buy it at the time and by the time I realized none of the stores closer to home had any neutral, I didn't feel like walking back there. So I settled on some Meltonian neutral shoe and boot cream.

After sanding the floors, I applied a coat of it with an old cotton handkerchief, let it dry then buffed it. It's not noticeably different in the picture but it has a soft sheen and darkened it ever so slightly so there's not quite the contrast (to my eye anyway) there was with the doors (which I had stained years ago and wasn't about to replace).

The next time I'm out and about I'll pick up the Kiwi neutral to have on hand as it has a good wax content and I think it would give a bit better sheen but for these floors I'm pleased with the way they look.

And they'll look even better once they're taped down with carpet tape.

BTW, Cedan also makes a product called Pan-L-Trim edgebanding in white melamine that I'll someday try as a countertop.

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