Sunday, November 6, 2011

home again

Well, actually I got home Wednesday afternoon but have been really lazy since then...

Did well on the reading front while I was away. Took ten books with me and when I landed back home had 50 pages left to read on the 10th book. How's that for judging how many books to take!

Got into Peterborough about 9:30 Wednesday night so didn't get to see the grand-kids until Thursday morning. But they had left this wonderful message on my bedroom door to welcome me.
When everyone got home on Thursday afternoon, we opened the tickle trunk. What fun!
I just loved what Jonah did with some of the items. He took all the dinosaur hats and a variety of the smaller items and arranged them on the steps and invited us to visit "the museum".
Saturday night several families came over for Sean and Julie's annual pumpkin carving contest. 10 adults, 8 children and 3 babies! Had a great time. Wonderfully behaved children.

Sunday we went to Jonah and Holly's swimming lessons, out for brunch, Jonah's skating lesson, then to Julie's parents' for a wonderful steak dinner.

Monday afternoon Grandma Wava and I went to Jonah and Holly's school for Hallowe'en Hoopla and had a great time travelling with the kids through 7 different activity stations.

In the evening Julie, her sister Lorraine and I took the kids and their cousin Ella 'trick or treating'.

It was a wonderful trip!

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