Thursday, November 24, 2011

couple wonderful links

Have to run out to do some errands but thought I'd share these before I leave.

Miniature artisan, Peter Tucker, has made a wonderful scale conversion spreadsheet (for PC and for Mac) that takes the work out of converting real life measurements to the various scales. Click on 'enable editing' when you save it to your computer. Then you put a short description in column 1 and the RL measurement in column 2 and the RL measurement will be automatically converted to the measurement in various scales. Peter has generously given me permission to post this information here.

He also has a blog where you can read about how he does some of the incredible work he does.

On Canada Minis, we've been discussing Trash to Treasure which, as you know, is one of my favourite topics. Linda McD gave me permission to share Minitreasures wiki Trashminis pages with you. Eleven pages of incredible T2T which will have you running to your stash to try things out.

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