Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bathroom progress

Well, I didn't get the floor and wall coverings done last night.

Joanne was over in the afternoon and brought me a Dollarama table to make into a bathroom vanity. Got it sanded and painted, found a piece to use as a sink, but still need to add the handles, add the sink, faucets and drain. Found a shelf unit kit in my stash and put it together to hang on the wall in the laundry room to hold soap, bleach, etc.. And painted the laundry basket with red nail polish.

Today I installed the ceiling lights in the kitchen and installed the bathroom flooring.

I took a piece of matboard, wallpapered the bathroom side red and added the medicine cabinet (originally brown, painted black) and two sconces.

The left hand side wallcovering ready to be installed with carpet tape:

Tomorrow I'll install the ceiling fixtures in both areas, hang the shelf unit in the laundry room and fill it. Once the laundry room is finished, I'll put up the glass block wall and get working on the bathroom area.

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