Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

After sorting all the magazines, my new pet peeve is magazine publishers who put the magazine date at the bottom of the cover page - or even worse - put only the month (and not the year) on the cover.

Delivered all my duplicates to Joanne and Delores last night on our way to the first meeting of MEE after summer break. Joanne also found a bunch of duplicates in her collection and gave them away at club last night.

Was good to see everyone and catch up on summer news.

Today, Joanne, Laurie, Barb and I are headed over to the Glenrose Hospital with two vans filled with miniatures that club members are displaying there for September and October. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished display. One of our club members is in the hospital there so we're hoping to get a chance to visit her after set-up. Must remember to take my camera - and actually USE it. VBG

In order to make room for the magazines, I had to do some major shifting of bookshelf contents both in the living room and bedroom which meant I had to get rid of a bunch of books. Fortunately, my sister Shirley said she would take them to the lake and share them with neighbours there so she's coming over this morning to pick up a 60L tote of them.

Our condo AGM is tonight. Once that's over I have to get my rear in gear and get some displays ready for the Show and Sale on September 18. I have only two new projects completed so far but at this point my calendar's clear until our dinner the night before the show so hopefully I'll be able to finish at least the bar.

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