Sunday, September 4, 2011

Magazines finished....and Christmas star

What a job! There were roughly 450 magazines to be catalogued and collated with my own magazines. Plus my list of magazines that I had was lost when my computer crashed so it had to be re-done. Now what I really need to do is make a list of what I DON'T have to make it easier to tuck in my purse. But that will wait for another day...

Nutshell News and American Miniaturist
(two boxes of AM are currently out on loan)

Miniature Collector, Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine,
Dolls' House Magazine, Dolls House World,
Dolls House and Miniature Scene

Most of the duplicates (some have already been passed on to Joanne)

Joanne and I went to Michael's this afternoon hoping to find some grey leather for the elephant's foot umbrella stand she's working on. No luck with that but as we were leaving I spotted these dimensional plastic star stickers for $1.59 a package.
The minute I spotted them I thought "star tree toppers" for my Christmas shop.

I twisted some fine wire around the tip of a bamboo skewer, leaving a short straight piece straight up from the point. Then I cut the wire off leaving about 1/4" of coiled wire.

I put the straight piece up the centre of the sticky side of the star.
 Then added a second star making a sandwich of the wire. And, voila! A star Christmas tree topper. Now I just need to make some more and package them for the Christmas shop.

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