Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joann Swanson

As she is to so many miniaturists, Joann Swanson is my hero and mentor. All of my projects incorporate so many things I've learned from her over the years - and many of them are based in some way on her articles published in Nutshell News and earlier issues of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine.

With her blog, she continues to educate us with new projects and lessons on how to make things. She has just added a wonderful tutorial on scale that is most informative and helpful. The standard household measurement pages are particularly helpful, especially if you're new to miniatures. This would be good information to print and take to a miniature show.

And speaking of miniature shows, we're all frantically dealing with the last minute details for ours on Sunday. Club-wise, everything is in place and set to go, but individually most of us are just a bit frazzled trying to get displays completed. My detective's office has been finished for some time but the bar below it has been stalled for quite a while as you know. Maybe I'll have to display it with an "Under Construction - Opening Soon" sign. LOL

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