Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drinking glasses, paint rack

About ten years ago, I got an ice cream bucket full of 27 bottles of stained glass paint for $2.50 at a garage sale. They served me well over the years but, let's face it, eventually they DO dry out. I picked up a nice supply of new stained glass paint a couple weeks ago at Dollar Giant so it was time to throw out the old stuff. The great thing about the old paints is that they have wonderful caps like the ones on Aleene's glue, only red. So I now have a great supply of red drinking glasses.

My DS Shirley gave me a spinning paint rack for Christmas a few years back. I had some bottles of paint that were too small to fit properly in the slots so I cut pieces of foamcore and made a shelf to fit in the upper part of the rack.

This allows me to store odd sized bottles, including the nail polishes that I often use to paint small items.

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