Friday, September 16, 2011

displays in a book

Over the years I've seen some great miniature scenes (many of them fairy tales) done in books. Most of them have been done in papier mache books but some have been done in hollowed out real books. In fact, I've hollowed out two books myself with the intention of someday (okay, don't fall off your chair laughing) putting scenes in them.

BTW this is very time-consuming and I'd honestly suggest using the papier mache version. They're usually available at Michael's - and in fact the last time I was there they had some in various sizes with absolutely gorgeous covers in the $15 - $20 range (quite reasonable I thought for Michael's). And with a coupon.....

While surfing this morning (I love it when one thing leads to another but it sure sucks up time), I found this tutorial for making a book out of a box. She's making them to lay flat and store craft supplies in but don't see why they couldn't be used vertically with a scene inside.

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  1. I am going to use one of these "books" as a display for my Day of the Dead project Maureen. I have a couple more of them that I bought at Winners and they look like a real old book with guilding (sp) on the pages too but already cut out and even have a felt lining. I plan to use another for my Northwest native project and another for ...... not sure. I hope that you have a great show tomorrow and looking forward to hearing what you bought and who you saw and maybe even some photos of the display area with all of the wonderful projects of the club.
    Wish I could go but off to Kelowna for a get together with their club so that will be fun!
    Judy in Penticton